Smart windscreen sticker sends parking fine text alerts

New smart technology could help to reduce parking fines by sending text messages to car owners when their vehicles need to be moved.

The TowStop sticker can be placed in a car windscreen and linked to the driver’s smart phone. When the sensor is touched by a traffic warden, it sends an automated text to the owner asking them to move their car, reports

The clever piece of tech even allows the owner to respond, with their message then displayed on the small screen. The idea is that it gives the owner time to get back to their vehicle before it is towed.

Designed by Frankfurt-based IT consultant Daniel Kalliontzis, who came up with the idea after his own car was towed, it could prove cheaper for the traffic authority to get in touch with the motorist than to tow the vehicle. In Germany, an officer must choose the most efficient and inexpensive way for the space to be cleared, notes

TowStop’s success depends on the traffic laws in each country and does rely on the good will of traffic wardens, as well as the restraint of passers by. A spokesperson for the Department of Transport said: ‘In England there is no legal obligation to warn the motorist before issuing the ticket.

“However, a local authority does have the discretion not to issue a ticket if they believe the situation deserves some leniency.”

The company is currently looking for funding on Indiegogo and the sticker is available for pre-order for €54 (£43), with an expected shipping date of June 2015.

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