The must have features of paid mobile marketing

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming a go-to marketing vector for on the ball businesses, providing effective reach and ease of use, for a low cost. Indeed, in many cases the cost can be entirely absent; entire services, or specific mobile marketing focussed elements of existing services, can be utilised by companies to increase conversion, for free. Mobile applications Foursquare provide the facility for consumers to record when they have visited a particular business, allowing business owners to not only have a degree of visibility over who has visited their business, but to allow their exemplary service, and the quality of their goods, to be broadcast to a whole new audience of people, at no extra cost.

So, with such functionality available for free, why would a business decide to pay for a mobile marketing service? There are actually a number of very good reasons, and we’ll take a look at some of the most important in this article.

Delivery reports

While on the surface delivery reports may seem like a relatively minor aspect of mobile marketing functionality, it is in fact incredibly important for the efficient, effective running of a mobile marketing campaign. Regardless of the marketing medium, if you’re not maximising efficiency, you’re essentially just haemorrhaging money. The delivery reports offered by the majority of paid mobile marketing services allow businesses to see the impact of specific marketing techniques on their target audience; providing essential feedback, while allowing businesses to better formulate the next stage of their marketing campaign. Being able to track the trajectory of marketing messages, identifying which were interacted with the most, or which led to greater conversion, are essential to being able to maximise marketing performance and spending; and this functionality is rarely available when using free mobile marketing services.

Application Programming Interfaces (API)

Paid mobile services are also more likely to provide clients with access to their API, allowing for greater customisation and flexibility in regards to their marketing service. Having access to a mobile marketing company’s API allows you to better integrate their services with yours; for example, you can programme an API to provide integration between your business’ website and the mobile marketing service in question’s bulk SMS sending service. In this way you can programme a contact form to automatically relay information to a potential client via text message, should it be completed; or automatically add a phone number into a list SMS messaging database, to be contacted in future with relevant offers and deals.

Personal corporate branding

Of course, if you were to use a mobile marketing service for your company, you would expect your own branding to be included upon all dispatched communications; such touches make a big difference when it comes to brand recognition, and therefore, the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Due to your access to the mobile marketing service’s API and access to the comprehensive support services that membership to a paid service affords you, your branding will always be where you want it to be, incorporated into your designs as you please; or incorporated on your behalf by the paid mobile marketing service’s technical team. Free services do not offer such functionality or such a degree of freedom over email, SMS and MMS design.

Data storage and management

Paid mobile marketing services are far better equipped to deal with the large amount of data required to conduct efficient and successful mobile marketing campaigns, than free mobile marketing services. Indeed, it’s the greater degree of available capital that makes paid services so much more effective in this particular manner; they are able to buy a greater amount of higher quality data storage than companies that operate for free.

The larger revenue stream available to paid services also provides for a greater degree of technical prowess on the part of technical staff, and generally a larger amount of said staff; which ensure that data is not only securely stored, but far easier to move, edit or analyse. Paid mobile marketing services make the data you have collected go far further than it otherwise would.

Superior security and infrastructure

In a similar manner to data storage/management, the higher level of resources and funding available to paid mobile marketing services provides a far greater guarantee of data security, and a far more secure infrastructure, than free to use equivalents. It’s common for paid mobile marketing services to utilise specialist server farms, which offer a premium level of physical and digital security.

It’s also common practice, given the quantity of consumer information often held by paid mobile marketing services, such as customer names and phone numbers, for paid mobile marketing services to have a heightened degree of data security. Data will not be shared with any other party without client consent, and will remain in the ownership of the client; regardless of the duration or cancellation of their partnership with the mobile marketing service. After all, it’s in the best interests of a paid mobile marketing service to keep their clients as happy as possible!

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