‘Smart ring’ launched that lets you write texts in the air

A new ‘smart ring’ has been launched that allows smartphone owners to write and send text messages without picking up their devices.

The ring, which fits on the user’s index finger, enables controlling of paired mobile phones – or other devices – wirelessly by reading pre-determined hand gestures. Users can read and send texts and even ‘type’ out text in the air, all with the swish of a finger, reported cbronline.com.

Created by company Logbar, ‘Ring’, was the subject of a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year and has now launched for sale, costing around $270 (£168). The smart device uses Bluetooth Low Energy to send signals to smart phones, and even comes with LED and vibration alerts for notifications.

As many companies battle to be at the forefront of ‘wearable’ technology like the Apple Watch, the ring device aims to free people from the need to look at or touch a mobile device in order to access its functions.

Joining the competition, start-up company 16Lab also promises to offer mobile users gesture control. The Japanese-developed and as yet un-named prototype ring launched at a tech fair in Tokyo earlier this week, reports pcworld.com.

The Nod is another of a similar ilk which was also released earlier this year, aiming to change the way smartphone users control their devices.

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