Brits check their smartphones 1,500 times a week

Brits are so addicted to their mobile phones that they look at them 1,500 times a week, equal to around 221 times a day, a new study by Tecmark reveals.

Increasingly, Brits are moving away from laptops and desktop computers, and instead using their smartphones to carry out a variety of tasks. Every day, the average person spends three hours and sixteen minutes on their phone, but some people spend even longer. Five per cent of the 2,000 Brits surveyed admitted using their phone for between nine and 12 hours a day, reports

The average person first checks their phone at 7:31am, to see what has happened since they put it down last night, reports Their phone is then used until 11:21pm.

Although Brits use their phones for a variety of things, texting is still popular, particularly among women. Men, on average, send around five text messages a day, whereas women send six. Half of Brits believe their phone saves them time, mostly because it makes it quicker for them to get in contact with people and find out the information they need.

Managing director of Tecmark, Richard Heyes, said using smartphones has now become “second nature” to most Brits.

“We’re not surprised to see this huge reliance on our handheld devices,” he noted. “But many people may not realise just how many times a day they check their phone or carry out a simple task on it. We’re all guilty of picking up our phones and checking the news or work emails when we first wake up – for many it’s how we set ourselves up for the day.”

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