Apple reintroduces Mac SMS feature

Apple fans will soon be able to send text messages from their computers after the company reintroduced its SMS Continuity tool as part of the latest operating system.

The feature, included as part of the Yosemite general master (GM), allows users of Apple’s iOS devices to send and receive texts through their Macs, meaning they can continue conversations which were started on their mobile handsets. According to, it did feature in a previous beta version of iOS but was removed by Apple in September.

While iMessage has provided similar benefits, it only works with texts sent between iOS devices. With traditional SMS enabled, however, the users of other operating systems can also be contacted. Seeing as Android has such a big share of the mobile market at present, the update is likely to benefit a significant number of users.

As well as sending and receiving messages, SMS Continuity will enable users to manage their collections of SMS-capable devices from a single pane on the iOS homescreen. It’ll be possible, for example, to toggle which handsets and computers can receive the messages, although a password will be needed for security reasons.

At present, the feature is only available to registered developers, who must be using the Yosemite GM alongside the latest stable release of iOS, 8.1 to have access, reports.

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