Text messages at the centre of future tech security

A new range of solid-state drives (SSDs) that owners can tell to self-destruct by sending a simple text message could be giving us a hint into the future of tech security.

The Autothysis128s and Autothysis128t SSDs, made by British company SecureDrives, have the same functionality as other models on the market, plus automatic 256-bit self-encryption. But under certain circumstances, such as a device falling into the wrong hands, a text message can trigger the SSD to wipe its data entirely before ‘blowing up’, theverge.com reports.

This “death by text” technology could have a dramatic impact on the future of computer security. The value of laptops and other pieces of hardware to consumers and businesses alike is rapidly increasing, while the ability to send text messages is available to most.

Although SecureDrive’s SSDs are predominantly aimed at governments and businesses, pcpro.co.uk notes, consumers are also able to purchase them. As computer privacy levels are a growing issue for the public, SMS messages containing self-destruct numbers may become commonplace in the future.

The drives are currently available in 64GB and 128GB versions. Much like a mobile phone’s passcode locks the phone when too many failed attempts are entered, too many incorrect SSD PIN number entries will also cause it to self-destruct.

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