New app allows users to browse the web using only SMS

Mobile phone users that don’t have access to Wi-Fi or 3G are now able to use a free app which lets them view website using only SMS messages.

To ‘view’ a webpage using the Cosmos browser, users simply need to enter a URL. A series of text messages are then sent to their mobile, so they can read what is on the webpage without having to acquire access to a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

The developers explained how it works on the project’s GitHub page.

Once a URL is entered into the app, a text is sent to the team’s Twilio number, which in turn forwards it to their backend. The source code of the site is then obtained by the system, and the content of the page is translated into text messages the receiver can understand, reports

In order to ensure the SMS messages don’t flood a user’s inbox, they are compressed before they are sent. Moreover, once the page of text is loaded within the browser, the original message is deleted.

Stefan, part of the four-man team that created Cosmos, said the app will officially be released on Google Play within a month. He added that the backend is able to send around three text messages a second and loading a page of Reddit takes just 12 seconds, reports

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