Charities would benefit from a simpler text donation process

Using automated payment systems would help UK charities improve their fundraising by simplifying the text message donating process.

Charity Box, a new service from Voice Connect, is a 24/7 inbound automated telephone donation line with HRMC-approved Gift Aid collection. It has been hailed by supporters as a way for charities to raise more funds by enabling donations to be made easily and at any time of day, without the need for expensive call centres. All that donors need to do is click on the relevant link sent in a text message or scan a QR code to donate, reports.

While the service does not send the text messages for charities, Charity Box speeds up the stages thereafter through automation. It also sets up unique landing page URLs that charities can text to potential donors.

Stefan Olsberg, Voice Connect’s managing director, said: “Making secure payments can be a real concern for donors. At the same time, charities don’t always have sufficient capacity to cope with a high level of responses to successful campaigns or disaster appeals. Using an automated system like Charity Box improves access and flexibility for donors, whilst reducing the exposure to risk that paying over the phone involves.

“Using staff in call centres can be expensive and limits donation lines to office hours. People are most likely to donate immediately after seeing an appeal, which is why having an operation that runs 24/7 as well as on a smartphone is essential.”

Digital donation methods like text messages are becoming increasingly important to successful campaigns and appeals. Matt Haworth, co-founder of fundraising advisers Reason Digital, told “We’re going to see in the next few years that the majority of income is digital. Charities really need to prepare.

“You used to send your supporters a long penned letter that might go into great detail. That is now giving way to shorter messages, tweets and text-giving.”

There are lots of ways that the charity sector can use mobile marketing to deliver their business goals – see some of our latest text messaging case studies.

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