Texts should answer questions or solve problems

Mobile communications should solve problems, instead of becoming bogged down in ‘vague terms’ like engagement, according to one blogger.

Writing for essentialretail.com after a trip to Connect Mobile, tech expert Nikki Baird explained that mobile communications should be plain and simple. Whether it’s text messages, emails or app notifications, they should – above anything else – solve a consumer’s problem or answer any questions they may have.

Baird argued that many retail apps get unnecessarily concerned with the vague metrics of building communities and engagement, when they could instead be used much more directly. In the case of click and collect items, she said, email and SMS are best because they’re direct and reliable. Whilst apps certainly have their uses, this example may not be one of them.

Despite all of the above, companies that manage to answer a consumer’s question could end up building engagement and fostering communities after all, Baird added. If, for example, text messages are used effectively for click and collect services, the shoppers would likely become more loyal and have a much greater willingness to engage in future, retailbusinesstechnologyexpo.com notes.

In this instance, vague metrics will simply follow any companies that first concentrate on answering questions or solving problems.

Concluding, Baird wrote: “The key to engagement isn’t a singular dimension – saving time, saving money. It’s about value in the sense of utility and usefulness. The more a retailer can focus on solving consumer problems, the more consumers will be grateful – and dare I say, loyal – as a result.”

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