Public praises police safety SMS to drunk man

A friendly text message sent to a drunk man from his police escort has gone viral across the web after it was published on a sharing site.

A screen grab of the text, which was sent to ‘Marty’ the day after he was stopped by the police in an extremely intoxicated state and given a lift home in the patrol car, has caused a huge fuss online. Used by the police to reinforce the importance of responsibly, the gentle message was sent by ‘Nice Ploice (sic) Man’.

The text message has received such a positive reaction that it could signal a new, far more engaging way for the police to communicate with the public – perhaps other public-facing businesses could take note?

According to, it read: ‘Hello Marty, you gave me your number in your intoxicated state last night. I’ve a feeling you won’t remember me. We took you home in our police car. You assured us several times that you weren’t a terrorist and requested we don’t send you back to Ireland.

“When you drink, please stay safe and don’t drink yourself into that state. Hope you’re not too hungover. Stay safe.”

Comments written about the post, as cited by, were on the whole favourable and in support of ‘cops with common decency and a sense of humour’. Others were far more tongue in cheek, incorporating police clichés such as: ‘You have the right to…make it home safely’ and ‘Any information can and will be used…to send you friendly texts’.

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