Consumers prefer texts to apps

Consumers across the world would rather deal with brands through text messages than dedicated mobile apps.

Although countless businesses are investing a great deal of time, effort and money into launching dedicated mobile apps, most consumers would rather get in touch via a simple text. This is the results of a new global study by software corporation SAP, which found that 81 per cent of mobile-owning consumers would prefer to communicate with brands via text.

On top of this, a further 70 per cent agreed that SMS was a good way for companies to get their attention, whilst 64 per cent said they’d advise companies to use texts much more for engagement, notes.

Much of this was thought to stem from consumers wanting a much quicker and simpler way of interacting with their favourite brands. Some 67 per cent of respondents said they thought SMS was a quick way to get in touch with businesses, whilst 56 per cent identified it as being convenient.

In a further blow for apps, many respondents claimed they suffered with ‘icon overload’ on their smartphones. As such, 74 per cent had deleted apps simply because they’d not been used, whilst 68 per cent admitted they had downloaded more apps than they actually needed.

Commenting on the findings, director of product marketing and solutions at SAP, Diarmuid Mallon, told “We are seeing a clear maturity in the way consumers are using their mobile phones.

“We are moving away from customers asking ‘Is there an app for that?’ to ‘Is there an SMS for that?’ Consumers want to engage with brands and enterprises on their own terms. They want simplicity and to use the mobile channel that best meets their needs at that time. As this study shows, in many situations SMS wins out and this is a clear opportunity for enterprises to make use of the SMS advantage.”

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