Fans asked to report bad behaviour at football games via text

A US College Football stadium has unveiled new plans to permit fans to report anyone behaving suspiciously or anti-socially by sending a simple text.

After adding an additional 2,600 new seats to its Horseshoe Stadium, the Ohio State College Football team decided that new measures need to be rolled out to protect respectable sports fans from those who were letting themselves go a little too much. Eventually it was decided that texts would be the answer, as it enabled fans to report others without fear of remonstration.

As such, fans attending the Horseshoe will this season be able to text the word ‘BRUTUS’ to a pre-determined number, at which point stadium staff or local police will visit the scene. Anyone can do this to report fans who are ‘misbehaving, swearing, inebriated or who do not sit during game play,’ notes.

If successful, the scheme could be rolled out to other college football grounds, or even make its way across the Atlantic to some of Britain’s stadiums. Such a scheme also has the added benefit of being a way to harvest phone numbers then use these to market upcoming games or events.

Not everyone welcomed Ohio State’s move, though, with some complaining that standing up was part of the atmosphere and impossible to control. In response, sports information official at Ohio State, Jerry Emig, took to Twitter to argue that fans were encouraged to stand, just not all the time.

“Ohio State WANTS fans to stand and cheer at Buckeye football games,” reports him as saying. “There is no such thing as a policy against standing at football games. So stand up and be loud and support the Buckeyes.”

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