School’s text message blunder results in 100 pupils being sent home

A school is in hot water with parents after sending 100 pupils home for wearing the wrong shoes – having only notified parents of the uniform change via text message the night before.

Parents received a second text message at 10:00am informing them that their children were being sent home, with many parents having to leave work to pick their young ones up, reports. The communication blunder, by The Coseley School, West Midlands, highlights the importance of sending SMS campaigns in enough time for the contents to be actioned.

It turned out that a change in school uniform policy required pupils to wear black leather shoes. Unaware, Emma and David Guthrie had only bought their son Lewis, 12, a new £20 pair of smart black trainers a week before the start of term. Parents weren’t notified of the new requirements until the day before school started.

“We had a text about the shoes on Monday, but it’s no good telling us the night before,” Mrs Guthrie told “I think it’s disgraceful.”

The school, meanwhile, has maintained that it made arrangements to keep any pupils on the premises if they were not able to be picked up early. Nevertheless, its last minute campaign should serve as a reminder to others that texts need to be sent plenty in advance if the message therein is to be heeded.

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