New vibrating ring alerts users to incoming texts

Most people associate ringing with their mobile phones, but from now on they might associate the rings they wear, too.

California-based smartwatch company MOTA has launched its new SmartRing – a high-tech piece of jewellery which vibrates to alert the person wearing it of incoming text messages, calls, and emails. Not only that, the ring also displays notifications in text form so that users can scroll through their inboxes without having to reach in their pockets, reports.

Set to be released in black and white with optional audio notification software, SmartRings are paired with Android and iPhones to create a handy digital hub for your finger. Not only will texts and emails be displayed on the ring, but Facebook and Twitter notifications are also delivered, notes. It’s due to the increase in social media apps that Kevin Faro, co-founder of MOTA, believes SmartRing will be successful.

“Notification of incoming calls, texts and app information has become the single most important function of a mobile phone, but it’s also a major thorn in the side of the mobile user,” he said. “The types and sources of notifications are proliferating rapidly.

“Increasingly many are being presented as urgent. Users tell us they continually have to delve into different apps on their phones and are becoming swamped trying to keep up.”

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