The launch of Textlocal’s Messenger 2.0 and how our Business SMS service has evolved

This is an update to our previous post Textlocal’s Messenger 2.0 ‘Will Change the Face of British Business’

In April 2012 we launched our revamp of the classic Messenger platform – Messenger 2.0. Following customer feedback and some brainwaves from our technical team, we redeveloped the platform with an abundance of new features all designed to make your experience richer and easier.

The update featured social media posting, scheduled autoresponses, postcode lookup, trackable short links and a more robust, easier to use platform. We improved our gateways, meaning that at peak times we can send 8,000 texts per second, vastly more than many of our competitors. We included more features to allow you to edit your data in messenger, to save draft messages and to easily customise your sender names. In short, Messenger 2.0 was the biggest overhaul of our systems to date, creating what founder Alastair Shortland called “a bespoke project management tool for your mobile messaging campaigns”.

Since then, we haven’t sat on our laurels. Product innovation and customer satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do here at Textlocal, and the two years since Messenger 2.0’s launch have seen some truly revolutionary developments.

We became the first SMS provider to offer an attachment facility, allowing you to upload your files to our servers and include them as a short link in your messages – for free. This feature set the foundations for many of our future developments, including our Forms and Surveys tool. This allows our customers to create their own bespoke data capture forms and utilise the highly effective SMS channel to push them out to customers, getting unparalleled completion rates. Most recently we launched our brand new Mobile Vouchers, Tickets and Loyalty Cards tool, which you can read more about here.

Our talented development team are already working hard on our next projects, and we’re always looking for feedback from you, our customers, to help us develop features that will push your text marketing to the next level. Let us know what you think with an email to We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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