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This is an update to our previous post Why mobile web can benefit your business?

In 2013 Mashable announced that 17.4% of global web traffic came through mobile handsets. This figure is impressive enough, but when you consider that over 70% of the UK population owns a smart phone, and that the majority of these people use their phones to browse the internet, even sporadically, you start to see the real impact that mobile has had on our lives. Globally, more people own a smart phone than a computer.

Couple this with the knowledge that the average phone user checks their phone upwards of 100 times per day, and you can understand the importance of having a mobile presence for your business.

The explosive increase of mobile browsing over the last few years has presented a number of problems for businesses however – most notably that mobile phones do not offer the same browsing experience as a laptop or desktop PC, and so many existing websites simply aren’t suitable for viewing on a phone.

Having a mobile optimised website is crucial for taking advantage of this ever growing platform, but this doesn’t have to mean completely revamping your existing website. Creating a separate mobile website with all the essentials is an easy alternative which can save you time and money. You don’t need to know how to code or pay a fortune to a developer to create this for you.

A few years ago we announced the launch of our Mobile Web creator tool, available for free as part of our Messenger 2.0 platform. With this tool it becomes really simple to create your own mobile landing pages, with endless opportunities for customisation. Incorporate images, videos and other rich media to enhance the viewing experience, and send fully trackable links out as part of your SMS campaigns – at no extra cost.

Mobile landing pages can offer an extra dimension to your mobile campaign, providing you with a space to include much more information than a standard 160 character message can offer. Give specific offer details or terms and conditions, personalise longer messages with merge fields and add multiple media options to your message with one easy link. With the Mobile Web creator tool, you can make pages that really work for you.

For something even more intricate, Textlocal offer a bespoke web design service, creating customised web pages or even full mobile sites to your specification. With these services available so easily, you’ve got no reason not to branch out into the mobile web space. Check out our mobile web section to learn more.

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