Integrating SMS for a multi-channel campaign (Part One)

SMS is a highly effective marketing method which is easy to mix with other channels to create a truly integrated marketing communications campaign. In this blog entry we’re looking at ways to integrate text messaging with digital marketing methods, and in the follow up we’ll cover more traditional methods such as print and broadcast media. Read on for ideas that will make your SMS marketing really shine!

Social media

Social media has transformed digital marketing, thanks to its ability to facilitate direct, two-way communication with customers on a large scale. With smartphones on the rise, social media is increasingly being accessed from phones, making it an ideal place to build your SMS opt-in list. Run exclusive campaigns for your social media followers, such as “Text XXXX to 60777 for 20% off our latest range”, increasing engagement and building up your database of contacts for follow up text messaging campaigns.

With the Messenger platform you’re also able to sync your SMS communications with your social media platforms, helping you to display a consistent message across all channels and reach all your customers at once. For example, if you’re sending a text message to your contacts to let them know that an event is postponed or cancelled, include your social media platforms in the send to push your message that little bit further.


Combining an SMS element with your email campaigns can really help to boost value. Offer your customers a variety of communication options to make sure you’re giving them the best service possible – it’s no secret that emails can so easily go unread or land in junk folders, or simply fight for your attention in a full inbox. With features such as SMS attachments you don’t have to dilute your message for SMS’s 160 characters – attach your newsletter as a PDF short link like this customer has done and reap the benefits.


Got an app for your customers to use? Fantastic – but not all of your customers are going to have smart phones, and that’s a huge demographic you’re missing out on if apps are your only mobile marketing channel. Nearly every handset in the world can receive SMS – and as by the end of this year the number of handsets in the world will outstrip the number of people, that’s saying something. You can even integrate Textlocal’s SMS service into apps that you’re building, great for apps that will be used on tablets – which unlike phones, don’t have that ability built in! Just speak to our Tech team to get started.

I hope this has given you some ideas to get started with – look out for next week’s article, when we’ll cover even more channels to really get you going!

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