Young people signalling a move from emails and talk to texts

Text messages will replace voice calls in the not-too-distant future, according to new a forecast from Ofcom.

The regulator found that younger people – ‘digital natives’ who have grown up in the connected world – are turning away from voice calls in their droves. In place of this, teens and young adults are communicating via text messages, which Ofcom says could alter the communication landscape almost beyond recognition.

Ofcom argues that people within the 12 to 15-year old age group are, on the whole, the UK’s most tech-savvy. Being au fait with computers isn’t just going to impact these youngsters’ careers and interests, though, but could also play a large part in shaping their communication habits as well.

It was said that only three per cent of young people’s communication time is spent on voice calls. Comparatively, a whopping 94 per cent of communications are text-based, according to

These figures may not come as a surprise to some, after it emerged that young people spend an average of three hours and 36 minutes on their phones each day. Even among adults the figure is at one hour 22 minutes.

It was a similarly bleak outlook for email, with 12 to 15-year olds spending just two per cent of their online time checking their inboxes. This compares to 33 per cent for adults, notes.

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