Women more likely to convert on a tablet, but men prefer smartphones

Women are more likely to click on an advert and purchase a product via a tablet devices, whereas the majority of smartphone ad click-throughs are performed by men, a new study reveals.

The research from LiveIntent shows tablets are leading to a greater percentage of conversions compared to impressions than any other device. Women are particularly keen on tablets, as 18 per cent of all conversions by them are made using such a device. In comparison, just 13 per cent of all male conversions take place via a tablet, reports performancein.com.

However, 31 per cent of male ad clicks are made using a smartphone. Women aren’t far behind though, with 28 per cent of all their ad clicks being conducted using a smartphone too. On the other hand, men are more likely to convert via mobile, as 25 per cent of male purchases are made by smartphone, whereas the same can be said for just 20 per cent of female conversions.

As mobile devices grow in popularity, so too do the the number of unique impressions seen via smartphones. Three years ago, the proportion stood at 24 per cent of total impressions; now this has risen to 45 per cent, reports bizreport.com.

Matt Keiser, founder and CEO of LiveIntent, says people are actively converting on ads they see on their mobile device.

“But while the tools and the channel exist, the opportunities presented by this inherently mobile channel have yet to be fully realised,” he explains. “To harness the power of email and mobile, marketers must have a real email ad strategy that includes a thoughtful mobile experience.”

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