Scented text messages could be the next big thing

Text messages that come with a smell attached have become a possibility, thanks to a new iPhone app called oSnap.

David Edwards, a Harvard University professor, created the application with a team of students. It encourages the user to take a photo and then brings up a tagging screen in which people can add a number of different scents, including cocoa beans, butter and red wine. Users can choose to include just one smell or several to create the illusion of a meal, reports

In order to receive the smell, the recipient has to have a special device, known as an oPhone. The team hopes that in the future, the device will be used by businesses to sell products. For example, a restaurant could have an SMS marketing campaign that involves sending customers the scent of a new dish to tempt them to book a table that evening.

However, in order to make that a possibility, the team needs financial support, which it’s raising through its Indiegogo campaign. It needs $150,000 in total (around £87,000). It is hoped that the oPhone will be on sale by 2015 at a presale price of $149 (£88), but this will rise to $199 (£116) further down the line, reports

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