Twitter allows users to securely reset password via SMS

Twitter users who forget their password can now reset it via SMS, reports

In the past, users have only been able to change their password by email, which can be inconvenient. Twitter says having both options also means that users can still reset via email if they don’t have their phones with them at the time.

In order to set up the SMS reset option, users have to go to their settings and add a phone number to their account. People are then able to choose if they want to receive text message notifications from the site or not. If they ever forget their password, they have to request a new one as normal via the website, this time entering their mobile phone number instead of their email address.

Twitter then sends a code, which must be entered at the sign in page in order for users to be able to choose a new password. Although it isn’t the first website to allow users to reset passwords via text, giving people more options can only be a good thing.

The social networking site has also improved its security, as it knows that many people use the same passwords across a wide variety of websites.

“To protect your account in this scenario, we built a system that analyses login attempts on your account – by looking at things like location, device being used and login history – and identifies suspicious behaviour,” Twitter told

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