New iPhone case showcases powerless text notifications

Users of the iPhone may soon be able to identify when their phone receives calls and messages without switching the screen on, thanks to a new project on Kickstarter.

An American company by the name of Concepter is looking to crowdfunding to finance its new Lunecase product – the so-called “first intelligent iPhone cover”.

Lunecase boasts an extremely resourceful power system within its casing, reports, utilising the electromagnetic energy emitted from the iPhone to power a notification system on the back of the device.

It’s here that tiny LEDs light up to create a visual notification whenever the phone receives an SMS message or a call. says Lunecase gained its first official public outing at CES 2014 but the makers are now looking to take things one step further by looking for web backers to fund its progress.

Whether the product will ever hit store shelves depends on a number of factors, but Concepter certainly has the necessary finance to pursue its dream.

At the time of writing, the group has surpassed its initial $50,000 goal by over $10,000 and is still inviting buyers to contribute anywhere from $5 to $3,000 for its development.

If the group believe enough has been raised, a final testing for the product is scheduled for June with shipments planned for August.

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