Vast majority of shoppers use mobile devices during their trip

Eighty-four per cent of consumers use their mobile devices at some point during their shopping trip, showing that mobile is becoming a significant part of the retail industry.

According to, research from Deloitte Digital shows that although 90 per cent of retail sales take place in a physical store, digital can influence customers to spend more than they planned. Some 22 per cent fork out more due to digital and more than half of these consumers said they spent 25 per cent more than what they’d budgeted.

Kasey Lobaugh, Deloitte’s chief retail innovation officer, comments that retailers in particular need to pay attention to these statistics.

“Retailers that narrowly focus on digital commerce, rather than the full journey that leads to a purchase, often fail to recognise how their customers shop and make decisions in the store,” he explains, reports

“The result is a digital divide between what consumers do and what retailers deliver. This gap not only threatens overall revenue, but requires retailers to reset the way they measure and invest in digital efforts.”

Deloitte believes that many retailers are underestimating the amount of influence mobile has on sales. For example, most retailers would think that an abandoned item in a shopping cart on their mobile site is a failed conversion when actually the customer might have simply decided to buy it in-store after seeing it online first.

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