Google Glass finally adds SMS support for iOS devices

Google has announced that iOS users will now be able to receive text messages via their Google Glass thanks to a new update.

In a Google+ blog post on Monday (April 21) the search giant announced two new features for its augmented reality spectacles, the first being SMS support for iPhone users.

Android users have been able to receive and even reply to text messages through Google Glass for many months, but Google has moved to add a basic level of this functionality for those working with Apple devices. says iPhone users will be able to receive texts via Glass by heading to their Bluetooth settings and turning on “Show Notifications” for a paired device. However, due to what Google describes as “some limitations with iOS”, the update will not allow them to send messages from their glasses.

According to, this serves as further evidence of Google giving preferential treatment to its own operating system.

The second feature is a new calendar that can be found on the Glassware tab in MyGlass. This will display an agenda on the left of the home screen and allows the user to change the title, location and even RSVP to anything on their schedule.

Both features will be rolled out to iOS users over the course of the week.

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