Majority of Brits open to in-flight texting

More than half of Brits would take advantage of being able to send text messages on flights if the option were available, reports

Mobile phone owners are currently required to have their devices either switched off or in ‘airplane mode’ to allay the risk of their signals interfering with the technology on board.

Very few airlines have made mobile services available on their flights, with naming Airbus and Emirates as two of just a handful of companies with in-flight connections.

However, a new survey from Aeromobile reveals that British travellers are more than confident of mobile connectivity becoming standardised on commercial flights over the next few years.

The ability to text is a hugely popular demand among Brits, as 55 per cent of the group said they would use in-flight mobile phone services to send SMS messages to people down below.

As well as running an tandem with Aeromobile’s discovery of a huge lift in SMS traffic over 2013, this is a far greater proportion than the quarter who say they would use an instant messaging service whilst flying high.

Passengers are also sceptical about the demand for in-flight calling, as just 17 per cent of the group said they would ring their friends during a typical trip.

The research showed the delivery of in-flight mobile services having a huge impact on the reputation of airlines, as over a third of passengers believe a flight with mobile connectivity is cutting edge.

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