UK continues to outscore US in smartphone adoption

Britain still plays host to more smartphone owners than the US, according to new figures.

The latest set of estimates from eMarketer reveals that while a higher proportion of American mobile phone users are equipped with smart handsets, the UK still leads the way in overall uptake for the technology.

Readings cited by show that 53.7 per cent of the Britain population can declare ownership of a smartphone. This is slightly above the US score of 51.4 per cent.

However, the study highlighted that 65 per cent of US mobile phone owners use a smartphone at least once a month, compared to two-thirds of device owners in Britain.

EMarketer envisages Android remaining the dominant operating system for smart devices in the US over 2014, with 50 per cent of handsets powered by Google’s platform. Apple’s iOS operating system takes 40.5 per cent of the market, with Blackberry, Windows Mobile and a handful of other operating systems taking the remaining share.

Android is also the most popular operating system in the UK, with iOS taking a smaller portion than in the US despite strong sales for the iPhone series.

According to, the results highlight just how important it is that marketers tailor their campaigns to reach out to mobile users and enable them to run smoothly on both Android and Apple operating systems.

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