SMS marketers urged to make good use of HTML5 in campaigns

Incorporating the fifth generation of Hypertext Markup Language – or HTML5 – in SMS marketing campaigns could increase engagement and enable marketers to delve deeper into customer tracking. says the new code is designed to increase the capability of online media such as apps, music and films without the need for additional software such as browser plug-ins.

All of the big-name browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Android, now support HTML5 in some capacity – while the code’s cross-platform nature means it can be accessed via any device without interference.

According to writer James Marscheider, this could have a huge impact on SMS campaigns by allowing marketers to “infuse” creativity into their messages and deliver a highly personalised experience.

“The rich content that HTML5 provides has the potential to draw the customer in on a deeper level than a plain text message, encouraging a higher level of engagement,” he commented.

While many SMS marketers will already use tracking technology in their campaigns, Mr Marscheider claims HTML5 takes the recording of results to another level.

Google analytics is just one of the many simple tools that can be used in the monitoring of HTML5 links as companies look to establish the success of their messages.

HTML5 also offers full support to MSISDN tracking, which goes beyond basic stats like click-through rates and on to record more complex data like customer details.

“In conclusion, utilising HTML5 technology is a great tool for any business that wants to stay ahead of the game and improve brand recognition,” added Mr Marscheider.

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