Zendesk Integration for Bulk SMS Software from TextLocal

In our Technical team, we quite often get asked about 3rd party integrations. This time, it’s how to integrate with Zendesk. We’ll get these instructions uploaded to their list of integrations, but here they are.

How to Setup:

  1. Firstly, create an account with Textlocal, if you haven’t already got one, by clicking here.
  2. Login to Zendesk & create a new URL target
  3. Log in, then click on the Admin section (the cog at the bottom left of the menu)
  4. Then click on Extensions, under Settings.
  5. Click add target
  6. Select URL Target
  7. Add the following parameters:
    • Title: Textlocal SendSMS Target
    • URL: https://api.txtlocal.com/send/?username=emailaddress@textlocal.com&password=textlocalPassword&sender=YourCompany&numbers={{ticket.requester.phone}}You will need to replace emailaddress@textlocal.com with your Textlocal account email address, textlocalPassword with your Textlocal password, and YourCompany with the Sender name/number you’d like the messages to come from.
    • Method: GET
    • Attribute Name: message
    • Basic Authentication: Leave blank
  8. Select Create Target & click Submit

Enabling notifications:

You now need to setup the Triggers to tell Zendesk when to send SMS notifications.

  1. Under Business Rules, click on Triggers
  2. Click Add Trigger
  3. Choose a Title
  4. Choose the actions you would like to action the trigger on
  5. Click “Click to select action” and select “Notifications: Notify Target”
  6. Select the Textlocal SendSMS Target, that you created above
  7. Enter your message. You can use a number of placeholders from Zendesk, which can be viewed by clicking on View Available placeholders
  8. Click on Create Trigger

Don’t forget, you will need to add a telephone number to the profile of your registered records.

If you have any more requests for integrations, then please do get in contact with us

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