Smartphones the go-to device for people on the move

Smartphones are seen as the go-to device for communicating on the go, with 77 per cent favouring their mobile over laptops and tablets, reports.

New research from Facebook and GfK found that smartphone users were ten times more likely to use this device on public transport than fire up a laptop. Even tablet owners were three times more likely to favour their smartphone when out and about.

In addition, researchers found that smartphones were viewed to be much more personal pieces of tech, for the users’ eyes only. By comparison, tablet devices – which is still a much younger market – were more often shared between family members.

The research was aimed at discovering just how many devices Brits switch between over the course of the day. It was said that 60 per cent of web users utilised two different devices (typically smartphones and desktops) over the course of a day. Not only that, around 20 per cent switched between three connected devices – smartphones, desktops and tablets – every day.

Not only was this the result in Britain, but also in America as well. In fact, the findings from either side of the Atlantic were so similar that researchers had to go back and double-check to ensure they’d not simply copied over the results.

Speaking to of the reasons behind this research, measurement lead for Facebook EMEA Mark Bulling explained: “A lot of us have more than one device now that we use to access the internet.

“But is that something that lots of people are doing, or is it just a few tech adopters? The research looks to find if these behaviours are mainstream, or if they are still in their infancy.”

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