New app turns screens “see through” for safe texting when out and about

A new app could soon make the precarious act of texting while walking a great deal safer, reports.

Developers from California have come up with ‘Type n Walk’, a new app that provides and ingeniously simple way of preventing smartphone owners from clattering into people or falling over as they walk down the street.

It works by simply streaming live video taken from cameras situated on the back of a phone onto the screen, with the keyboard then simply laid over the top. This means that texters can walk down the street with their heads buried in their phones, without worrying about what may lie ahead.

Whilst the app currently just allows users to write messages, which can then be copied and pasted into SMS boxes, social media or emails, manufacturers could soon look at trying to implement the feature on their smartphones as standard to help keep users safe.

Users have already rated the app very highly, claiming it gave the effect that their phone had turned see-through. Others noted that their live video often comes out slightly blurred, thereby still showing up any potential oncoming dangers, but also ensuring their text stands out clearly.

Type n Walk has been described by its inventors as displaying “a transparent viewport of what’s in front of you,” notes.

“This, combined with your peripheral vision, is just enough visual information to help you avoid obstacles – like walking face-first into a tree.”

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