SMS ‘more effective than mobile apps’

Is it possible that the days of the mobile app are numbered? That’s the insinuation made across two publications, which state that the balance seems to be shifting in favour of MMS and SMS.

While there’s no denying that a huge proportion of every day life is undertaken now with the help of mobile technology – from food shopping to booking a holiday – it would appear that mobile has reached what terms a ‘tipping point’. Although the amount of time spent using mobile apps will increase, consumers are expecting an ever-increasingly seamless experience where ‘any friction…can mean a lost sale’.

Additionally, marketers need to remember that mobile apps, unlike text messages, possess ‘glaring limitations in their ability to drive business results and increase interactions with customers effectively,’ writes. For a start, they are not available on all mobile platforms, which means that swathes of the population cannot be reached. Text messages, on the other hand, can be sent and received from any mobile phone.

That’s not all. Quoting a recent survey, adds that after 20 days of downloading an app, fewer than five per cent of people actively still use it and up to 90 per cent of users eventually delete it.

Meanwhile, Forester research finds that the average person sends or receives 35 text messages per day and a second Millward Brown survey claims that ‘the majority’ of people prefer SMS over any other marketing channel. Plus the cost of SMS is far lower than the development and release of an app.

“SMS is poised to become the cost-effective alternative to disparate, high-cost mobile app development projects that only reach a small segment of enterprise target audiences”, the publication says.

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