Ten per cent more people using smartphones for shopping

Smartphone users are increasingly likely to use their mobile to help them shop, with ten per cent more people shopping on their phone when compared with last year, research has revealed.

Nielsen, the company which conducted the study, found that 87 per cent of respondents used their mobile phone for shopping, with 76 per cent of them utilised it to find a store close to them.

According to ubergizmo.com, the Nielsen survey also found that 66 per cent of respondents used their mobiles to compare the prices of different items to ensure that they were getting the best deal.

This is becoming increasingly common with some retailers offering to match and even better prices from competitors by as much as ten per cent.

Around a quarter of tablet owners will use their device to post a review of the product they have bought, whereas 26 per cent of those with a smartphone would rather take to social media to voice their opinions on their purchase.

Writing for androidcommunity.com, Nate Swanner, said: “With mobile devices becoming the go-to for search and other casual needs, these numbers don’t necessarily surprise us. The 8 per cent increase over last year was a much larger jump than we anticipated, but with lower priced tablets and smartphones fast becoming the new normal, it should be expected.”

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