Mobile marketing changing relationships between businesses and customers

Firms who make use of mobile in their marketing campaigns are seeing their relationships with customers change, a new survey shows.

According to, the survey conducted by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) found that marketers who make use mobile see a lot of benefits. A quarter note that product usage has increased as a result and 30 per cent say their range of customers has broadened. Moreover, a further 30 per cent respond that they now have more one-on-one contact with their customers.

Mobile marketing is increasing in popularity too, as 37 per cent of firms now use mobile in their marketing campaigns. This is an impressive increase from 2012, where only 25 per cent of marketers made use of mobile.

Rhianna Collier, vice president of SIIA’s software division, states that despite the boost and positive figures, some marketers seem to be sceptical about the benefits of mobile.

“In addition to the big jump, mobile also appears to be changing the relationship between companies and customers,” she explains, reports “It’s expanding the customer base and actually facilitating greater one-on-one contact.”

However, marketers are becoming increasingly good at what they do, as 64 per cent believe they know how much return on investment (ROI) they’re getting from their online marketing campaigns. In 2012, just 55 per cent said the same.

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