What makes our customers act fast, SMS or email?

Encouraging customers to read and absorb communications is one feat, asking them to act on your message or request can be another challenge. We know that open rates of SMS outshine email by miles, but how responsive are the recipients, really? We put it to the test and the answer it seems, is very!

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Seeing what text messaging does for our customers is what motivates us, so our photo gallery competition was born to showcase how businesses use the Textlocal service and what it generates. Our new photo gallery web page came complete with an upload form and competition rules, all we needed was a channel to bring people here. With a chance of winning 500 free text credits it wasn’t a big ask, so we saw the opportunity to prove what we preach; that SMS delivers bigger results than email.

On this occasion, email seemed like an obvious option, enabling us to link to the landing page where everything was explained in detail, with a handy upload button. Email started to fall at the first hurdle, with low open and click through rates compared to SMS. We needed our call-to-action to be more direct, making the process as simple as possible for our busy customers.

SMS did just this and by using a Dedicated MMS Number as our sender name, turned a five-step process into a far simpler two-step process. Recipients opened the text message, hit reply, attached the photo and hit send. Ultimately, inviting people to enter our competition via SMS generated 10 times more entrants than email, populating our photo gallery page at a rate that email couldn’t have generated. What’s more, a text message takes a fraction of the time to prepare and send compared to email, removing the rigorous copy checks, link tracking and data segmenting.

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