What is bulk SMS and how can it prove a useful marketing strategy

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Bulk SMS is a term being thrown around more and more recently but what is it and how can it help me? I’d like to think all of us have sent a few text messages to say the least, since our retro black and white screens back in the 80’s but it’s not everyday we send the same message to more than one person at the same time. This is the essence of what bulk SMS is, sending an informative and useful messages to hundreds or maybe even thousands of customers, members or staff at the same time.

For example, you have just launched another dish at your restaurant and want to let all your customers who have signed up to receive your messages know about it because let’s face it, it’s awesome. With Textlocal’s award winning Messenger you can utilize the contact management tools to enable you to quickly and easily send to a group of mobile numbers in an instant. So now everyone will be popping in to give that new new dish of yours a try. Of course, Textlocal is not just about business to customer messaging, we also work with Schools to send out closure alerts to parents too. So whatever your requirement I’m sure we’ll make a great fit.

We know bulk SMS can sound a lot like spam but if used correctly can be the complete opposite. Yes, sending to a bunch of people who have no idea who you are will leave them wandering, “how did they get my number” but if you collect their mobile numbers in the right way they will be expecting to here from you and will probably even appreciate it!

Collecting numbers is simpler than it sounds. Why not ask them to text into a keyword on a short code, so text yourBusinessName to 60777, we’ll even add these numbers to a group of contacts automatically for you, so it’s ready to send when you need it. Alternatively you could put a form on your website asking interested customers to opt-in. Of course, if you still prefer your spreadsheets, we can work with those too. Also to really ensure your not going to annoy anyone, include an opt-out link in your messages so people can remove their numbers where they like when they like.

So, how can this help me? Mobile marketing can be a very effective tool. Most text messages are read with in seconds and by tying in mobile websites, text responses, SMS attachments and many other features Textlocal has to offer you can be sure to get your message across to a targeted and responsive audience.

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