Text messages provide flood warnings and advice

Riverside homeowners have been sent text messages to warn them of the dangers of rising water levels.

Sustained stormy weather throughout the start of this year has made for the wettest January since records began. In Surrey alone, some 2,500 homes are thought to be in direct risk of flooding, 964eagle.co.uk reports. Now, homeowners around Britain are being warned that their possessions could be at risk from rising flood waters, as the rain shows no signs of abating.

For many, these warnings have come in the form of emergency texts and phone calls, as officials try to warn those most at risk of what they can do to help minimise the damage.

These texts contained potentially life-saving information, such as advice securing sandbags and collating a bank of fresh bottled water. Many of those in affected areas reported not being told where they could procure sandbags, even though it was reported that army personnel were working tirelessly to fill them. The texts, it was hoped, could help spread information, as well as warnings.

Servicemen and women weren’t just called upon to fill sandbags, though, as many were also sent to some of Britain’s worst-affected areas – such ad Chertsey and Datchet – to rescue those who had become stranded in flood waters.

Defence secretary Philip Hammond told standard.co.uk: “The military are available to provide either specialist equipment, if it’s needed, or manpower to do things like filling sandbags or building barriers.

“People get alarmed by the weather forecast telling us it may gets worse before it gets better.”

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