Valentine’s Day mobile marketing for… Travel and Tourism

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday – perfect for a romantic weekend getaway. This fortuitous situation presents travel and tourism businesses with the opportunity of creating three-day packages and to potentially experience greater sales than if 14 February was any other day – brilliant. You’ve just got to let your target market know about your deals.

With a deluge of samey Valentine’s Day-themed emails flying about at the moment, there’s really only one way to grab the consumers’ attention up front: mobile marketing. This medium sends a text message right to the recipient’s phone and as you will be well aware, most people drop everything to open a text message. Here are a few ways in which the sector can put mobile marketing to best use for Valentine’s Day…

Direct them to the ‘big screen’…

Data shows that while online shoppers will happily tap away at their mobile devices, those purchasing breaks and holidays prefer to do their research on a larger screen; predominantly tablets. Almost half of leisure travellers own a tablet, according to industry researcher, PhoCusWright, with most claiming that booking trips via this means was ‘easy’. In which case, it makes sense to include a link to your website within your SMS messaging, so that they can quickly work between phone and tablet to view your great Valentine deal.

…or make your site mobile-friendly

The other option is to provide an excellent user experience that will encourage people to stay on their phone. To do so, it is important to optimise your site for the smaller screens on mobile devices. By making this change, it means that your recipients can click straight from the link in your text message and into a clear and easily navigable browser from which they can potentially make a booking. Ease and convenience wins through every time – remember, some people will have completely forgotten about Valentine’s Day, so your text could offer them the perfect, last-minute solution.

Recoup abandoned carts by offering ‘too good to be true’ deals

Use your CMS to work identify those that have browsed your site but not completed a purchase. It should be easy to segment this group of people if you have intelligent software in use. When you have this list, create a text reminder or send a message that tempts them with a special deal that they absolutely can’t miss. You may be able to recover some of them with a good offer.

Extend Valentine’s Day

Take advantage of the dates by extending Valentine’s Day across the entire weekend. Rather than highlighting just an overnight stay, why not encourage consumers to stay longer by offering an unmissable extra via SMS? How about a half price spa treatment or private lunch on the Sunday? For this to work well, you may need to make clear in your text that the original booking can be easily amended without any hassle, followed up by a text to confirm the new arrangements.

There are lots of ways in which the travel and tourism industry can attract consumers in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, but using mobile marketing can help individual businesses stay one step ahead of the competition. It might seem ruthless, but as the saying goes: ‘faint heart never won fair lady’. Nor man.

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