2014 means more features and developments

2014 is well and truly underway, and here at Textlocal we are looking forward to another exciting year, in the world of mobile messaging. As IT Director, I lead the Technical team in ensuring our systems are as quick and stable as possible, whilst we also look after the development of our products and services.

In 2013, we gave you a great deal of smaller updates, including things like Advanced Forwarding templates for Inboxes and improved templates and field merging.

We also launched our Survey Tool – read more about this tool – providing our customers with the ability to simply and effectively collect data from their own users/customers. Lots of our customers have been using this – whether it’s collecting ‘no claims discount’ information for insurance policies, seeking customer feedback on a purchase or asking students to sign up to a seminar – we’ve had some really great feedback, and indeed plan further improvements this year.

Our ground-breaking Attachments function gives sending an SMS another dimension – find out more. Whether you want to attach an image, a menu, a video or your terms and conditions, it allows you to expand the simple 160 characters of an SMS into a multi-dimensional world!

We also are the first Mobile Messaging provider to have a cross-platform App – more info – this allows users to send/receive their messages from their mobile device, using the very contacts/groups etc. they have uploaded from our Messenger Platform. This has meant that customers can use Messenger whenever and wherever they are. A great use of this has seen a couple of customers use it out and about.

Finally, we have completely updated our API (Application Programme Interface). Whilst you may be unfamiliar with this term, it is now provides a fully functional set of API calls to allow a software developer to integrate their website, software or system with SMS and mobile messaging.
In conjunction with Santander, we are currently running an API competition, and we have already had some very innovative and clever ideas come through.

So what does 2014 bring? As a Technical team, we will continue to help drive Textlocal forward as the UK’s (and beyond) leading Mobile Messaging Platform. We already have new features within our Messenger platform in the final stages of development, with further developments planned throughout the year. Our App and API will also be updated to include similar and accompanying functionality – but more about these in the coming months!

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