Mobile advertising to be big this year, says expert

A marketing expert has claimed that mobile advertising is going to be highly utilised by firms this year, according to

Ashley Friedlein, chief executive of Econsultancy, claimed that 2013 was the year where many firms saw that more of their traffic was coming from mobile and tablet devices, so it makes sense that mobile advertising is going to become an emerging trend.

According to report published by Nielsen, over half of UK smartphone owners also said that they had never seen an advert on their phone at the start of 2013, which shows that there is room for growth in the sector.

This growth has already been seen, according to a report from Econsultancy/Responsys, which found that the proportion of companies who were advertising via mobile display advertising and mobile search had greatly increased from 2012 to 2013.

Another reason why mobile advertising is set to be more prolific in 2014, according to the Friedlein, is due the rise in availability of 4G across a host of networks, which is making browsing speeds faster.

An article posted on this week also claimed that mobile video advertising is set to “skyrocket” this year. It was claimed that due to this rise, those in the sector should expect to see new industry standards set which will measure the effectiveness of mobile video advertising campaigns.

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