Mobile marketing to reach maturity in 2014

The growing mobile industry is set to revolutionise business practices throughout 2014, Forrester Research has claimed.

According to the company’s vice president and principal analyst, Thomas Husson, 2014 is set to be defined by the burgeoning mobile market, just as 2013 was impacted by the rise of BYOD.

He wrote on that, over the coming 12 months, mobile will pass the 2 billion milestone, as more handsets than ever are shipped to consumers across the world. This will then coincide with opening up of the smartphone market to more budget, emerging economies and the huge new audiences this will bring.

All of this, Husson said, will make 2014 the year of the mobile and that businesses will therefore need to take note. Much of this will affect the mobile marketing industry, which will reach maturity over the coming 12 months.

He forecast that, over the coming year, it won’t just be the actual mobile marketing that businesses will want to pay attention to, but the overall platform and mobile’s impact on other channels.

Husson told “In 2014, we expect new mobile-centric ad formats to emerge, more effective mobile video inventory to grow, and more mobile ad network inventory to shift to the exchanges.

“Improvements in user identification will be a primary driver for these changes, but don’t get too excited yet: no industry-accepted, non-cookie standard for user ID will be developed this year, so no one solution will offer massive reach.”

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