Business world takes advantage of text messaging, as instant messaging grows in popularity

This week, the BBC reported that instant messages could replace texts.

The BBC reported that “According to Deloitte’s technology predictions report, 145bn texts were sent in 2013 in the UK, 7bn less than in 2012. In contrast, 160bn instant messages were sent on services such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat.”

On the surface, this may appear to be negative news for text message providers; however, business use of mobile messaging continues to grow within the market and usage as part of a wider mobile campaign is proving to be highly lucrative for businesses that are using the channel to promote products or services.

In addition, businesses and not for profit organisations are making the most of text messaging to reach customers, staff members and volunteers in order to communicate information updates and to capture data – this method is proving to be both convenient and cost effective for senders.

There is no denying that instant messaging is growing at an impressive rate, and is predicted to continue into the rest of 2014, however, this shift in communication only goes to offer further choice of expression to individuals using their smartphones, whilst making text messaging for business and other organisations an even smarter move.

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