Wearables won’t take off until Apple gets involved, analyst predicts

Wearables could become a lucrative market for advertisers, but an analyst has stated that the market will not become “meaningful” until Apple gets involved.

According to wallstcheatsheet.com, Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White has stated that wearables won’t take off without the involvement of Apple and its long awaited iWatch. Moreover, he isn’t the only one that holds this view, as Koru CEO Christian Lindholm believes that other manufacturers are preparing the market and waiting for Apple’s eventual arrival.

Mr White does think wearables will be big eventually though, calling them a “legitimate, new product category” after seeing several of the devices at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). He also commented earlier this month that Apple will make the wearables market “cool”.

Wearable devices could potentially be important for marketers and advertisers too. Devices such as smartwatches would allow users to view text messages, adverts, offers and other marketing communications on their wrists without having to reach into their pockets.

Although there are concerns that the market won’t successfully take off without Apple, analysts have argued that the firm won’t be able to back away from launching the iWatch. This is because Apple will feel pressured to show both consumers and other businesses that they are still innovative and a market leader, reports mobilemarketingwatch.com.

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