UK sends 4,598 texts every second

Brits sent a total of 145 billion text messages during 2013 alone, new research from Deloitte has revealed.

The report found that, despite the rise in popularity of internet-based messaging systems, Brits still sent 145 billion text messages – or around 4,598 every single second. Whilst this number fell from last year’s peak of 152 billion, Deloitte claimed that SMS was still the “common denominator” in all phones that would take almost a revolution to topple.

Non-SMS instant messages, such as Apple’s iMessage and WhatsApp have been growing in popularity, but Deloitte argued that they are not about to sound the death knell for traditional texts just yet. Instead, it was noted that even as older people are forced to upgrade to smartphones – as the old ‘feature phones’ are steadily phased out, many will still choose to use their devices for calls and texts in a way with which they are familiar, notes.

In being the common denominator, it was also noted that texts were the only way of ensuring a message reaches its target, whether young or old, seeing as take up of these IM services is still not absolute.

Commenting on the future of traditional texts, Deloitte head of telecoms research, Paul Lee, told “I think it’ll continue to exist because for now it’s the common denominator in all mobile phones.

“Unless something else comes up that takes over as the common denominator then it’s safe – if you want to get a message to someone you have to use SMS.”

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