SMS campaigns have speed and engagement on their side

SMS marketing’s speed and engagement have been hailed as some of the best reasons for small businesses to implement such a campaign.

Writing for, marketing blogger Brett Nuckles claimed that small businesses can benefit from the high engagement levels that SMS marketing can offer, whilst also welcoming the speed with which messages can be read.

On the topic of engagement, Nuckles said that most customers simply cannot wait to read a text message as soon as it pops into their inbox. As proof, he said that the “majority” of text messages are read within just minutes of being received. Where emails are concerned, however, consumers may only log on just once or twice a day, at which point messages build up and individual ones can get lost among them all.

Concerning speed, Nuckles noted its brevity – a feature which has also worked in Twitter’s favour. On this, speed didn’t concern the time it would take for messages to be sent, but instead how quickly they can be read. As texts are much shorter than emails, senders can be more confident that they will be read all the way through, not skimmed over or abandoned mid-way.

This speed also benefits time-strapped small business owners. Shorter messages take significantly less time to plan, he told so can be devised and rolled out quickly.

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