Mobile now influencing 6.8 per cent of all retail sales

New research suggests mobile now plays a part in 6.8 per cent of all UK retail sales, assisting businesses in £18 billion worth of transactions.

The finding comes courtesy of a study from Deloitte Digital, which discovered that consumers who use their mobile phones before or during a shopping trip are far more inclined to make a purchase than those who do not.

Cited by, Deloitte’s poll of 2,000 British consumers showed that mobile assisted in 79 per cent of transactions for electronic goods and appliances. This was followed by sporting goods, games and toys (75 per cent), furniture and home furnishings (72 per cent) and food and beverages (55 per cent).

This may be down to anything from the increased availability of Wi-Fi in stores to targeted SMS messages from companies. Either way, Deloitte’s poll of 2,000 British consumers provided evidence that mobile will only improve its contribution to sales over the next few years.

By 2017, analysts from the company envisage 10-15 per cent of in-store purchases involving mobile technology. believes growth will stem from an even stronger demand for mobile commerce, which will give small companies the chance to branch out of their humble surroundings and into markets across the globe.

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