SMS to be default messaging app for “some time to come”

The influx and popularity of new instant messaging apps may have stolen some of the limelight from SMS, but one expert sees no end for the technology in the near future.

James Monaghan, of mobile identity specialists TeleSign, says the simplicity and immediacy of SMS gives it a very strong foothold going into turf wars with the likes of WhatsApp and Skype.

Writing at, Mr Monaghan highlights that SMS was the world’s first “killer app” for mobile devices and is still pre-loaded onto every single new handset. Further to this, he says that as every mobile phone user is able to send an SMS, businesses and consumers do not have to worry about whether their contact has the right app loaded onto their phone before trying to reach them.

“Let us not forget that the phone book is the first true “social graph” – a fact which is being exploited by many of the OTT players to grow their networks quickly, but which ignores the fact that you don’t need Viber or Line or iMessage to send a message to someone,” he commented, cited by

Mr Monaghan concluded by saying it with SMS still making it onto the latest handsets, the technology should be the default messaging app for “some time to come”.

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