“Do not underestimate SMS”, warns expert

MarketersĀ have been told to underestimate SMS at their peril, as the technique is still highly effective in the current marketplace.

Econsultancy.com contributor Peter Tanham highlights that SMS is pre-installed on every single mobile phone and therefore always boasts high levels of engagement.

It was claimed that six billion texts are sent every day in the US alone, with the average American teenager sending out around 2,000 messages per month.

The technology is also hugely popular in Britain, which is why it’s of little surprise to see companies like Dominos andĀ O2 continuing their investments in the platform.

Mr Tanham says SMS can be used for a number of different activities, including sign-up forms, surveys, competitions, video maps and social sharing.

The techniques also promises rich analytics, as Mr Tanham explains.

“With rich web experiences comes rich web analytics,” he commented. “Individual responses (for follow up and re-marketing) and real time location and device data can be tracked.”

He believes one of the best ways of utilising SMS is with auto-response technology, which allows the brand to send a message straight back to a respondent containing their own branding and a web link.

As Andrew Steven from getbusymedia.com reports, this is a great way of building traffic so long as the majority of the audience are receiving their messages via smartphone.