Text messages could be used for car parking top-up

Text messages could soon be used to warn shoppers in busy city centres that their parking may be about to run out, topix.com reports.

Strategic engagement director at the GSM Association, Paul Crutchley, has claimed that towns would be better off becoming much “smarter” in a bid to keep people away from online retailers.

With the High Street suffering at the hands of online shopping, Crutchley claimed that a much more integrated approach could be one way of encouraging customers out from behind their computer screens. One such example of how to do this was for parking metres or companies enforcing the rules to come with the technology needed to send out little reminders.

In this example, Crutchley said that motorists would not only have a better chance of avoiding a potential fine, but may even end up spending longer in town as a result.

His belief was that a text message could come bundled in with details of how to add more time to the ticket remotely. As such, if a person is thinking of sticking around to visit more shops or head into a nearby restaurant, they wouldn’t then have to worry about making their way back to the car in order to add more time.

Explaining just why he thought methods such as these could prove to be a success, Crutchley told computerweekly.com: “It takes it one step further with an holistic town and retail perspective.”

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