Mobile users wary about techniques that swallow their bandwidth

New research has revealed that mobile users are unsure about marketing techniques that require large amounts of bandwidth, reports

Network provider Orange uncovered the truth whilst surveying consumers as part of its sixth annual Exposure study.

A total of 4,000 UK mobile users were asked to rate various advertising formats out of ten in a study which aimed to reveal general perceptions towards some of the most popular ways of marketing products.

Being twice as fast as the third-generation of mobile broadband, 4G customers were more open to advertising than their 3G counterparts.

Newsletters received the highest score, earning 5.4 from 4G users and 4.8 from 3G users, while pre-roll advertising gained 4.8 by 4G users compared to a 3.8 from 3G users.

Sponsored games continued the trend by earning a score of 4.8 from 4G users and 3.8 from those on 3G plans.

The increased success of these formats is said to be down to faster access provided by 4G. Thus, 3G customers may be happier with advertisements that don’t sap their bandwidth, including anything from SMS to email.

It may be a while before the majority warm to online advertising through their mobile device, as states that just 20 per cent of the global population is covered by 4G connections.

Although Europe has a much higher coverage of 47 per cent, this means that over half of the nation is out of bounds for 4G customers


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