Relevancy of marketing can be improved by using SMS

Marketing expert Cassandra Lynne believes that marketers can improve the overall relevancy of their targeting by embracing the humble text message.

Writing for, Lynne reveals that as marketers can gather personal information like locations and email addresses via SMS marketing, they can go on to create more targeted campaigns; offering content that’s actually of value to each individual recipient.

She’s also adamant that the medium is by no means dead, despite many implying that mobile apps and social media have taken over. Lynne suggests: “SMS marketing is efficient for smartphone and non-smartphone users alike.

“Plus, SMS messaging can promote existing mobile marketing campaigns with an immediacy that emails and apps can’t really offer.”

In fact, she believes mobile marketing as a whole is a excellent tool in any brand’s box; encouraging the use of “timely” apps and emails optimised for hand-held devices. Using the ads available on social networks like Twitter and Facebook can prove useful too, potentially increasing brands’ sales over the festive period.

Whatever way they choose to utilise it, marketers can be sure that the mobile channel will help them spread the word about any deals or promotions easily and quickly, Lynne concludes. As one in five festive sales made in the UK will be done so using a mobile device ( reports), it seems it’s not only the best platform to adopt – but the most important one, too.

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